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About Laurence F. Davidson, Attorney at Law

Attorney Laurence F. Davidson began his career in law as a border patrol agent with the U.S. Department of Justice in 1985. In 1987, Mr. Davidson went from the field to being a detention officer with the immigration and naturalization service. He left the field of law enforcement in 1989 after working for a University Police Department near New York City.


Mr. Davidson started on the legal side of law almost at the bottom. In September 1988, Mr. Davidson was admitted to an ABA Paralegal program and received his degree in December 1988. He worked as a paralegal from 1989 until leaving for law school in 1993. Mr. Davidson's education includes high school, B.S. degree in Sociology/Criminology, Paralegal degree, Police Science degree from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center - U.S. Border Patrol Academy, and John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr. Davidson sat for the Georgia Bar Exam in February 1995 during his last semester in law school. He was notified that he had passed the exam the same weekend as graduation. Mr. Davidson enjoyed law school, which reflected in his grades. He graduated with high honors, having achieved the dean's list six of eight semesters.

Since opening Davidson & Affiliates, Esqs. in 1995, Mr. Davidson has helped thousands of people and is a respected jurist among his peers, judges and court personnel alike. Mr. Davidson has been appointed counsel by the Chatham County Courts, DeKalb County Courts and Madison County Courts. As appointed counsel, Mr. Davidson has represented children, mentally disabled adults and parents of dysfunctional homes. He has been a runner-up for both Juvenile Court Judge and Adjunct Professor. He speaks/understands a small amount of Spanish and has had formal training in French, Hebrew, and American Sign Language.

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